Friday, October 31, 2008

I snuck a peak..and they are gone

I went over to AOL...and the journals are gone. I had decided not to bring my journal over here. Iwanted a fresh start, sometimes I just need to do that.
It was still a jolt to my heart to know they are gone. All those years we were there and now we are gone, kicked out. How could they do that to us? I am enjoying our new home but still...I hate being evicted when we did nothing wrong. We were good, we cleaned up after ourselves...Well, maybe Dorn didn't with her dustbunnies....but I know I tried to. We didn't throw any wild parties. AOL, I am very disappointed in you and I am very glad I made the move!!!


Linda :) said...

Happy Halloween!!
and maybe we should start planning some parties, lol..

Christy said...

I went and checked to see if they were gone, checked mine and it was definately a bitter feeling and I didn't expect to feel that!

But...I prefer blogger, so all is good. I did transfer mine, but I had my babies births posted on mine, and our deployments, can't let go of that.

I just went through and deleted almost all the aol journals that were in my favorites. There were over 100.

Dornbrau said...

I thought we had until the end of the day but they yanked the journals this morning, those dirty rotten stinkers! I'm glad we were forced to move though, Blogger really is a better program. I just hate the thought of having to edit and reload all of my earlier pictures (only 75 pictures from 4 years of blogging transferred over).