Saturday, March 28, 2009

went to McDonald's last night for the kids' " It is Friday night, Dad is teaching Chess and then working and Mom is too tired too cook good food that we won't eat, so get McD and we will be happy" food....As I was paying at the first window...there was a braille menu. I knew the girl working at the window and love to have fun with her. I asked her why there was a braille menu there.
she said "for people who drive and need to use a braille menu"

now isn't that reassuring?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

the little doggie that could

A few years ago, some of us were fooling around on my bed, no not what you are thinking, and the frame of the bed broke. I think the kids and I were having a tickle fest. So, we put the box spring and mattress on the floor. We really needed to get a new bed but $$ has been an issue. I would much rather have running cars, you know?
Anyway, someone we know was giving away a bed that her child had bought and used for about a month before the marriage busted up and has just been sitting unused in a bedroom. This person was trying to empty out the room and asked us if we thought we would want it and of course we said yes!!! Ern and one of the guys from the church who has a truck went to get it yesterday afternoon.
When I got home Son was all excited to show me, my new bed! It is much higher than my old bed and much firmer! and there is poor old arthritic JoJo sadly looking at it, as if to say, How the heck to you expect me to ever get up on that bed? He tried once or twice to get on in and just could not jump that high. Good! Ern and I will finally have a bed to ourselves at night!!! We all went down for dinner, JoJo too.
We all continued with our evening activities and then JoJo went for his last evening walk with Ern. I finished my email. I went up to bed and there is JoJo on the bed looking all smug. How'd you get here?, I asked him but he just gave me that smug look of his. Everyone denied putting him on the bed. I just knew someone put him on the bed. I took him off the bed, hoping he would find someone else to go and sleep with. I finished getting ready for bed, got into bed, started to read my book waiting for Ern to come to bed, and next thing I knew, JoJo jumped up on the bed. Drats!!!! It took me 12 years to get the kids to leave me alone at night and I thought I had finally found a way to keep the dog away at night! Foiled again!

Monday, March 23, 2009

ok...I am a grouch!!!! just call me Grouchetta! I want to bite off someone's head! doesn't matter whose, just anyone will do....
seems like there isn't anyone who can do anything right tonight! or maybe I just expect to much?? take the trash out? do the dishes? put away your clothes?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

got hair colored and cut. took DQ to therapy, went and did a quick shopping to get thru the weekend, picked up family, went to get SHE took her out for her birthday....gave her a walmart card, newborn diapers and a bag full of baby clothes for the baby that will be here the first week of May. She now can say she has some things for the baby....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Son came up to me ther other day and told me there needs to be a store where people can pay money to go and break things when they are angry! I asked him if he was angry and he said not since he broke something and thought of the store!!!!

SHE will be turning 21 on the 20th.....I bought some cute baby boy clothes and told her and SHe got upset with me for buying stuff for the baby who isn't born and not having bought anythig yet for her birthday....because we all know it is all aobut her!

Teen has been running track again and DQ will be joining her. I will be able to yell for 2 of my girls as they go running by me at track meets!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

my birthday on March 3rd...

Me and my new GPS
the numbers on my cake are 30 and 18..can you guess how old I am??? I tell my kids I am 30 18

Monday, March 2, 2009

wow!!!! did you hear about the big nor'easter we were going to get??? up to 12 inches of snow!!! schools were cancelled, people did not go to work...and we only got a few inches of snow!!! I was a brave person who drove to work and stayed the full 8 hours!! Go me! I did not have to use any of my sick time or personal time....LOL

tomorrow is my birthday...and I turn 30 eight teen! LOL