Friday, October 31, 2008

I snuck a peak..and they are gone

I went over to AOL...and the journals are gone. I had decided not to bring my journal over here. Iwanted a fresh start, sometimes I just need to do that.
It was still a jolt to my heart to know they are gone. All those years we were there and now we are gone, kicked out. How could they do that to us? I am enjoying our new home but still...I hate being evicted when we did nothing wrong. We were good, we cleaned up after ourselves...Well, maybe Dorn didn't with her dustbunnies....but I know I tried to. We didn't throw any wild parties. AOL, I am very disappointed in you and I am very glad I made the move!!!

Physicals and hernia checks and weight gain

OK...My DR left the practice she had been at for a few years...and that practice's office went bankrupt and they closed that office and shipped all the records to an office an hour away. I knew I was going to go where my DR was going and I filled out all the paper-work for them to send all our records to her new place. BUT the old practice was very slow in getting everything to her.....
This year was the year for Son to have his School Physical but Ern forgot to have the paper filled I could not get my hands on the paper to give to the school. It was taking too long, so I called the school aND asked them to just to the physical on Son. ( Dr was not comfortable filling out papers, without seeing Son, and then she would have to bill for another physical and Ins would not pay, and that is understandable)....
Son comes home about a week ago and told me he had his school physical and that "the lady" wanted him to take off his pants and she wanted to check things out down there and he refused. She told him that he would not be able to play sports and he said he was not planning on playing sports. He said that he was not comfortable with someone he didn't know feeling around down there and if it needs to be done Dr Torres can do it.

Yesterday, I get a letter in the mail from the school saying that upon their examination of Son, they have some findings that need to be followed up with our Primary DR....the kid has gained...are you ready for this one??? Are you sitting down??? OMGoodness.... he has gained according to them...60 pounds in 2 years!!! SIXTY POUNDS IN TWO YEARS!!!!!! They stated he has grown taller but didn't state how tall he has grown but stated they are concerned about his weight for his age...

today, I call the Dr set up an appointment for Dec 16 ( she is very busy, everyone loves her!) , called the school to tell them I am following up on this...then the school calls me back because they are concerned I didn't mention the hernia check. I stated I didn't realize that was a problem. Well, of course it is if a boy refuses to have one done. it isn't. It is his body and if he doesn't want a woman he doesn't know touching him down there, it is his right. I told the school we will have our Dr do the hernia check plus child is not planning on doing sports. then she has the nerve to tell me that he is overweight ( well, duh, I know he is a bit overweight, had all ready discussed it last time he saw OUR DR but she is not overly concerned) and that sports would be a great help to take the weight off of him. Sorry but he has never had an interest in sports and I am not going to force him into something he is not interested in, he is doing a marching band with Scouts, and carries a heavy snare drum. Then she had the nerve to ask me if I thought that was enough. I nicely told her that I would discuss this with my Dr and let my Dr give the recommendations to me........

I am in enough trouble with the school district all ready. I did a meeting , with work, with one of my family's , with the school district and the aftermath was not pretty. I had some school district people calling me , quite upset, because of something someone higher up had me change.....not good when I have to go back and work with these people for my own 3 kids. So, now, I really need to try to keep my nose as clean as I can, you know?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

strange strange weather....strange strange behaviors

what a strange week it was....Monday started out very windy. I felt like I was being blwon off the road while going to work. Tuesday it was more of the same but with slush falling from the sky. Wednesday, I headed out to work with more wind but ice falling fromthe sky. There was no accumulations but the drives were horrendous.
Tuesday night, there were a half a dozen police cars and a few ambulances down the road from us for about a hour. Not sure what was going on. Last night,around 8PM, while I was out at a meeting, they closed off the road, and there was , again, about a half dozen police cars and a few ambulances at the same home. This time, the police were NOT letting any cars down the road at all. The kids said that around 9PM, they all left. I looked at the web site for the local paper and for the local news stations but could not find anything about it. ....strange.....I do know that a month or so ago, I saw police escorting a man with suitcases from that I am thinking some sort of domestic distrubance.
A few of my work families have had children hospitialized...and that upsets me so. As you know, I work with families that have children with mental health issues, and try to help the parents keep the kids home and out of hospitals and out of residential treatment placements. I feel like I let these families down but my co-workers let me know that I didn't. I was re-assured that this is the time of year that these things happen....shool pressures get to be too much, holidays are around the corner, the kids are inside more... It was/is still disheartening.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

what is OCC?

OCC stands for Orange County Choppers...or as they are also known American Choppers...and they can be seen on TV on the Discovery channel. I do not usually watch them...but occasionlly will take a quick peek. They make custom bikes ...they have made bikes for Lance Armstrong, a bike to remember those who lost thier lives in 9/11, a bike for A Rod of the Yankees ( boo ) , , they makde a bike for Santa., a POW/MIA bike....lots of cool stuff

Saturday, October 18, 2008


My brother is visiting from the Seattle area....we went to the OCC today to look around their store and then we went to dinner. I had more fun at the OCC than I did at dinner.

Here are Rob, Ethan and Ernie looking at a bike

This is the 9/11 bike.... on the wall behind it are patches that different fire departments, police dpartments from all over the contry sent in,,,,, it is very moving to see

the family ( minus me) out in front of the OCC.... we are less than 5 minutes down the road from them...we often see the guys when we are out and about

Dinner was at TGIFridays...and I have been dieting...I picked chicken and shrimp....and asked for extra veggies, no potatoes........first they gave me potatoes and forgot half my veggies and the shrimp were friedand I thought they were not......and when the veggies came they were mush..... not at all happy but didn't complain because they were busy and I was tired of waiting... I was sooo disappointed. It made this dieting girl sad...
The company amde the bad meal much better!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

maybe you know why?

I am assuming it is the joke a computer we have here....but whenever I go to look at certain blogs here ....and I click on them, the internet stops responding, is the same ones all the time....
any suggestions???

Monday, October 13, 2008

lumps in boobs

16 year old daughters just should not have to worry about lumps in boobs.....Teen felt a lump and we went to the DR who thinks it most likely is a cystand also felt another one...and said it is unusual for a teen to have anything but cysts and lumpy breasts, especially if there is more than one lump....

but we go for a sonogram on Thursday just to be sure....Dr said a mammo is probably not a good thing since teens have dense breasts and the sonogram should tell wait til we get results....

And so I tell Teen...Don't worry, I am sure nothing is wrong....
and in private, I am chewing my fingers to nubs

Saturday, October 11, 2008

6 unexpected tings about me....

I was tagged...and so here I go

1. I do not like chocolate....unless it is a Reese's peanut butter cup

2. I do not like way no how....

3. when there are stinky smells in our bedroom, the dog always gets is always his fault, unless it is the husbands

4. when my youngest brother was a baby, I used to dress him in my doll clothes and pretend I finally got a baby sister

5. I had my children believing that on Veterans day. they had to give me a gift because I was a Veteran. Then one of them got smart and asked a teacher if that was true.

6. I hate to put away clean laundry....and if I can get someone else to do it, I am a happy person....

I tag anyone else who wants to tell us unexpected things about them,......

tape pal

Hellow to all my Pumpkin Pals

My friend Shay, who I met through Aol blogs and who has a blog here, does tape paling...and I asked if I could be a tape pal...and today I recieved my very first tape from her. It is like being a pen pal but with tapes. She has the cutest accent!!!

so, this afternoon, I am going to go into hiding and listen to her tape and maybe find some time to answer her!!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

looooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnggggggg weeekend

he is making noise
she is making noise to irritate me
he is looking at me
she is looking at me
he is sitting where I want to sit
it is my turn to decide what to watch on tv
you are looking out my window
I don't want to do more chores
I am bored but am tired of chores
don't look at me
your breath smells
you farted
mom, he is making noise in his bedroom
mom, make her stop complaining about me

these are my 12 and 13 yo children.....ahh...and to think when they were toddlers, I used to dream of when they would be teens...was I on drugs?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


people who rear end you and then drive off should be shot...just saying....anyone know a goood massage therapist?? oh, yeah!!! me!!!! kinda hard to rub the sores out of yourself though!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

rumor has it

Usually, I do not listen to rumors but ...with aol closing our journals..I am starting to listen to the rumblings that AOL will be closing the doors completely with the beginning of the new, I am changing my email over to a gmail account. It will be the same except it won't be at ...........

I was upset with the closing of the journals and I had thought of bringing my journal over here but I decided not to. Sometimes change is a good thing. Without change we stagnate and don't grow. Change can be a good thing!!! I am embracing this change as a wonderful thing

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Life chain and situational morals

Each year, on the first Sunday in October is the Life Chain when many Pro-Life supports go and stand along busy road sides holding signs against abortion. I have gone almost every year since my marriage 17 years ago. One year I didn't go because we had 2 very active foster sons and it was not safe to take them with us.

This year, I did not gone. I could not go.

I just did not have it in me to go.

I have honestly believed that abortion is wrong. I have believed that it is the killing of a life. While it is each person's decision, I have believed it is morally wrong. As an infertile woman, who adopted older children, it always ripped my heart open to think of all the babies that were not born because of abortion.

Back in June, someone very close to me became pregnant. She is someone who should never ever have become pregnant but she did. She was on heavy duty meds and the damage was done to the baby. As soon as her Dr heard she was pregnant, he took her off her meds. If she were to go to term, she would need to stay off her meds. She wanted to have that baby. Those of us who loved her watched her spiral out of control off her meds. We watched her go to a very dark place where the paranoia struck, where people in cars next to her on the highway were talking to her and telling her to jump out of the car going 65 MPH, the ceiling would open up at night and talk to her, she started becoming violent and the people she lived with were locking their bedroom doors at night, she was becoming suicidal. She was calling me at all hours of the night begging me to put an end to this. After about 3 weeks of this, I started agreeing that an abortion was what would save her life since the Drs would not give her anything to help her mental status. There was no way I could see her going to term like this. She went to Planned Parenthood, they counselled her, she had the abortion. My heart broke when she called me and said I forced her into it. I didn't even go with her to any of her appointments.

September came and she because pregnant again and told me that she has an abortion scheduled on Wednesday. This time her Dr has allowed her to stay on her meds. My heart is again broken.

The thing about abortion is that it just doesn't affect the mother, it touches the lives of all those who love her, if she chooses to tell them.

So, I have been sitting here this afternoon, wondering, are my morals situational? Would I make the same decision again and advise her to have the first abortion? I was talking with one of the Elders in my church about this and he was saying, "Stop Abortions" is really so simplistic until you really stop to think about it and the lives that are affected by it. While, I still think it is wrong, I still feel I have the responsibility to protect the mother who is pregnant...she is here right now and that baby is not...
For those of you who have followed me over here from AOL, I am sure you can figure out who she is ....and why I feel/felt the need to protect her

Saturday, October 4, 2008

want a laugh?

Look over to the right and click on Stitchy Mcyarn pants's link...and see my brother dressed in abeer can evening gown...and read the story behind it...briefly, my SIL did it for someone who will be wearing at a AIDS fundraiser in LA....

Friday, October 3, 2008

ok, it is not too clear...but this is my latest finish.. It was a mystery exchange that I did on one of my yahoo groups....
It is getting chilly here and the mean old lady who lives here is refusing to turn on the heat...I guess I should just go put more clothes on...LOL since I am the mean old lady

Henny Penny, the sky is falling

I wish I had tome to go over to aol and back up my journal and save it. But I don't. I have almost 5 years worth of a journal over there and I have about 5 minutes worth of free time.
I need to head out to a Dr appointment soon but befoer I do that I must rake up some acorns because the sky is falling, Henny Penny. Yesterday, an acorn hit a grandomother on the head as she was waiting to pickup her granddaughter at the pre-school at our church which is right across the parking lot. The preschool teachers are afraind a child is going to be hurt by the falling acorns...and they would like us to try to stop them from falling ( huh?) and to keep them swept up. I feel the sky must be falling, Henny Penny