Sunday, April 26, 2009

The shower was ok. It was a very small event but was ok. I has TEEN take some pics but she didn't take many. Before I left, I put together the pack and play, with help from one of SHE"s friend's. The boyfriend kept asking why we were putting it together and I told him tha tthe baby is due in a week, and that they need something put together just in case. The crib is bought but not together, yet.
I spent some time, alone with the other mother..and I think we finally connected....she has an older son, 25, who is on 3 years probation for drugs. He has been MIA since Thursday. She said he is really stressing her out, and that she is worrying about him all the time, and when he doesn't come home, she doesn't sleep..and that she is thinking of putting homj out of the house. I spoke up and said, that while my situation with SHE was different....I could understand how she felt. When SHE was terrorizing my younger children, and then moved out, it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and then my other children were able to feel safe and were able to settle down. When SHE wanted to move back home I had to say no, it was a very hard thing as a parent to say no but I had my younger children to think of. I told her that she will now have a baby in the house to think of and her health and that her son is an adult. She was able to tell me that she sees the things I was telling her about SHE. I think we understand each other better now.

I will try to get the pics on here later..

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Baby shower day....

today is the day of SHE"s baby shower...and I woke with a headache and a feeling of dread. I am not at all excited about this. You all know how this how relationship between SHE and I has been.

so far, the day is showing me I should stay in bed. I asked TEEN to take my massage table and stuff out of the van...and she dropped the head piece and left it in 2 pieces, and did not notice. One piece had dried up dead leaves all over it...and I just yelled at her. Then I felt horrid. She picked allthe little leaf pieces out of the face pieces and if I glue things, I might be able to use it. If not, I guess I will order an new one...
I started to put the gifts I had in the van. One is a cute little swing, that can be used as 3 pieces, a swing, an infant seat or a toddler swing. I had to take it apart to get it in the van..and as I flipped the seat upsidedown..something started to drip out of it....and I touched it, smelled it...and it smelled like cat pee...So, inside I went to get cleaning stuff to clean it all up. Now I hope it doesn't smell. Stupid Tanner probably did it, ugly tom cat!
My living room stinks like hamsters....probably because all the kids think it is not their turn to clean the cage...I am starting to think it is someone's turn to clean the cage and maybe that someone can be found at FREECYCLE. Kids all moaned at that but still have not moved....

I have to go and pick up DQ at a friend's...she had a sleepover. then she has a therapy appt, then we come home to gett TEEN, drop DQ off at my co-workers and then TEEN and I go to the shower. DQ was invited but has such anxiety over her sister having this baby and is soo angry that her sister could be so irresponsible that she decided , with my blessings, not to go. I also did not want to have to drive an hour home with DQ having a melt down!

SON will be home alone, on the computer,,,and Hubby is playing chess today. He felt he needed a stressless day..
hopefully I will have pictures when I get back!

Friday, April 24, 2009

ok....I have had the worst time saying the proper words this week. last night I told teen to shut her wallet. She looked at me like I lost my mind. HUH? close your wallet on your neck....
Mom, It's a locket, not a wallet.
that is what I said...close your wallet.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

the ants go marching one by one...

it has been rainy and gloomy the last few days...and we have ant infestation at work...I have been doing an ant dance at work all day. I have been stomping on ants. I have been knocking htem off my desk and stomping on them, knocking them off the wall and stomping on them,,,,ick!!! One of my coworkers walked into the office and asked why we had mini chocolate chips all over the floor....LOL......... yuck!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

5 take away 4 to Albany equals one blissful Muma all alone in the house doing what she wants when she wants without anyone interrupting her every few minutes....
well, except for the dog who asks to go out so that he doesn't have accidents on the floor but Mumma sure can live with that...

So, what has she done all day?...played spades on the computer, watched Brideshead revisted, watched a Little House mini series, ate junk food and napped....

and why is she talking about herself in the thrid person???

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Christ is Risen.....

I have been telling myself that when I get to Heaven I will not feel like I feel today and that I will feel like rejoicing every single day and every single minute. As a Mom, sometimes, the moods/actions of my children affect my mood...and today, I am one very tired , not so rejoicing Mom....I am hoping that as they day goes on I will feel better and will get that rejoicing feeling that I soo need.

There is a verse in Revelations that says there will be no tears or weeping in Heaven....and I soo look forward to that, I am not thinking of death but I am just looking ahead to what will be....

Christ is risen!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

so, I took the girls and a friend to the Hannah Montana movie and I survived....then home....
I boiled eggs and tomorrow we will color them and that is about all the Easter stuff we are doing besides church. Ernie is working, Mom is out of town and I don't feel like doing a large meal and then cleaning up....
things are going pretty welll at work. I was told that I have to watch the sarcasim because it can be too cutting...sometimes my mouth opens and words come out before I know it....I know I have to watch it...not a good thing to suffer from....I have to keep reminding myself to think and then speak
SHE is in 360 position and no, I have no idea what that means....SHE says she must be dialated since SHE cannot sleep.....
will write more later but SON is pulling on my shirt...he wants me to get him to his Scouts...they are going to the City to Madame Tussuand's (sp?) Wax Musuem and must be there in 33 takes us all of 11 minutes to drive there,....can't be late! LOL

Monday, April 6, 2009

the all knowing one

I think I am changing the Evil One's/OutLaw's name,again to AKO as in ALL KNOWING ONE...Saturday, I recieve a call from SHE....
SHE: the baby has turned and is in perfect position for being born.
Me: oh, you had a DR vist this week?
SHE: no, AKO told meME: so is she now a midwife?
SHE: no but she has had 3 babies an dyou haven't she knows these things
ME:Ahhh, so glad you have AKO to tell you all these things,
SHE: I have been having retractions all dayME: you mean contractions?
SHE: no, AKO said I am having retractions and they hurt
ME: ahh...AKO knows soo much, so glad you have her in your life...

Saturday, April 4, 2009


last night...we settled into our beds. I went to bed early watching 20/20 and fell asleep. Some time later I heard strange noises and woke up. the lights were flickering, the TV was shutting itself off and on, the house seemed haunted. the dog was barking and howling. Ern took the dog out. When they came back in, Ern said there was a Elec Co. truck working at the end of the road. I tried to shut off the TV but it wouldn't shut off. Finally, everything shut off. Then I fall back to sleep. I don't know what time it was but the next ting I hear was the computerized baby crying and crying anc crying. iget out of bed to go and see if I could be of any help.
"Can't you shut that thing up?"
DQ looks at me crying " I can't find the keys"
TEEN says "We looked everywhere"
I look under the bed at the mess and said "If it is under here, you will never find it"
We pull all the junk out and nope, they are not there. I finally decide to look in the baby carrier and guess what? There they are.....

DQ is crying,,,exhausted, she has not slept. Son looks at a cell phone and it is after 1. I , being the great Mom and Grandma to a computerized baby, decide to take the baby for the night.

That baby is the baby from HELL! It cried at 2 and then 205, 2:25, 2:30..3:00 3:05, 3:45 3:50....4:30,4:45..5:30..7:00,8.... I am tired....

QG has an appt this morning....Well, whatcha know that baby is crying AGAIN!!!....figures it sleeps during the day when I am awake and not wanting sleep!

I am so going to be the kind of Grandma that will be so glad when I can just hand back the kids to their parents.

Friday, April 3, 2009

a new baby

DQ has a baby....she brought it home today from school...and it cries.. until a key is inserted into its back... I have been home for a hour and have heard it cry 4 times and I am ready to throw it out the window....
I am sooo not in the mood for any more babies in this house...if SHE cannot take care of her baby, I do not see how I could ever take it...I really don't. I was in the store the other day and heard a baby crying ( at 10 PM, mind you) and wanted to go up to the mother and tell her " I shop late to get away from kids, take your baby home so I and the rest of the customers do not have to hear it" When I hear toddlers crying and screaming in the store I want to go up to the parents and ask them if they must subject the rest of us to that sound. Take them out of the store!!! I really have no patience.
I have turned into a grouchy, hot flashing menopausal woman....keep all small children and dogs away from me!