Saturday, October 18, 2008


My brother is visiting from the Seattle area....we went to the OCC today to look around their store and then we went to dinner. I had more fun at the OCC than I did at dinner.

Here are Rob, Ethan and Ernie looking at a bike

This is the 9/11 bike.... on the wall behind it are patches that different fire departments, police dpartments from all over the contry sent in,,,,, it is very moving to see

the family ( minus me) out in front of the OCC.... we are less than 5 minutes down the road from them...we often see the guys when we are out and about

Dinner was at TGIFridays...and I have been dieting...I picked chicken and shrimp....and asked for extra veggies, no potatoes........first they gave me potatoes and forgot half my veggies and the shrimp were friedand I thought they were not......and when the veggies came they were mush..... not at all happy but didn't complain because they were busy and I was tired of waiting... I was sooo disappointed. It made this dieting girl sad...
The company amde the bad meal much better!!!


Louise *Star Dust* said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. Where is the OCC?

It really sucks when you go out to dinner and they ruin your meal. I really hate that! Happy you made the best of it!

Lisa said...

Great pictures! Looks like a good day other than the ruined meal.

Kathy said...

Good company does have a way of making all things better. I think I'd love to go to OCC. Of course, I'd have to go across country to do that, but ...