Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fun shopping

did I just say fun shopping? and it was dress shopping for the girls for homecoming....If you know me, I HATE shopping especially with the girls. I know, odd right? What woman hates shopping? Me and guess what I dislike chocolate!
So, there is a cute consignment shop in the village that I wanted to go to. It is called Recycled Style. When arrived, there were 4 other women shoppping...and they were a hoot! They helped the girls find things to try on. They insisted on seeing the girls in the dresses. We walked out of there spending $83 for 2 dresses, one scarf, and 2 bobos. I am sure there is another name for a bobo but that is what the girls here call them. they are knitted kinda slouchy hats that they were ont he back of their heads and tuck their hair in. We then headed to another conisgnment shop and bought 2 pairs of jeans for Son. We ended up our girls day with a late lunch at Chilis...Teen had a cheeseburger, DQ had chicken fajitas and I had an Quesidilla Explosion Salad. It was nice spending time with my girls and laughing.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

More brother update

Teen has been talking with her brother. The latest from the brother,M, is that he was stabbed on his way home Monday night. According to him, he had nothing to do with it. do I believe that? not so much. does Teen believe it? "My brother would never lie to me" M and the other siblings that live with him, would like Teen to go and visit them. I suggested a neutral spot, but Teen says they do not own a car. I am sorry but that is not my problem. years ago, when we did go and visit...We went to them to visit. We always made the effort to ensure they got to visit and tak on the phone. They were the ones who would disappear for months and then call out of the blue and expect things to be the same. the end of the conversation is that if they want to see her, they will see her in a neutral place with both Hubby and me in attendance....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I am sitting here as JoJo, the dog chases Eli, the kitten. Eli suddenly stops , turns and swats JoJo on hte nose...guess who is now afraid of the little kitten? They can keep me laughing all day when they are together. On the other hand, Eli keeps me awake at night, attacking my feet and my fanny. fanny..strange kitten,.

I am sitting here listening to Michael Kelly Blanchard... lo9ve his music

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Teen retreat

I am back from taking the kids to a teen retreat. I had decided that I would stay at the camp and do whatever work was needed up at the camp. As it turned out the cooks helpers were not able to make it, so I worked in the kitchen all weekend. I was nto able to listen to any of the talks the teens listened to...but I heard Mike telling the kids to be servants to each other. It was a true blessing working in the kitchen, getting to renew friendships..

Friday, September 17, 2010

My poor camera

is not working properly...and I could just cry. No new camera in the budget right now....

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

brother update

Teen has been telling me almost every time I turn around that she loves me. and I tell her that I love her too.
The brother has a disturbing status on his facebook,,that he is going to get get super high, he knows he shouldn't but he just doesn't want to stop.

it makes me glad that wehn I talked to him yesterday, I told him that Teen asked for prayers for him at church and did it for years. And I told him that we still pray for him.

Monday, September 6, 2010

it was bound to happen...

as you all know,mykids are adopted. yesterday Teen was looking at her facebook and said "M" I said what about him? He asked her to be friends...and M is her bio brother...we have not seen him for years.
We used to have a relationship with him, his mother and other siblings. He used to live with us before he went back to live with their mother. We had visits after that, we would drive down to see them. One day, they disappeared..and then they called us about a year or 2 after 9/11. The mother, H, would make promises to send presents, and come visit but that did't happy. Phone calls would stop and then re-start. It tore Teen apart when they would call and when the calls stopped. I finally said enough was enough and told H to stop calling us.
So, M found her on Facebook...she friended him...and they have called each other...
He has "been away" and got out 6 months ago. He is still with his mother and the other siblings. The conversation between them was very stilted.
Teen is 18 now and thaat had been the agreed upon time to try to find him again....and he found her.
It has brought up questions for Son, who has no relationship with his siblings. he said that he tried to find his sister and so far nothing. I told him that while he is in high school, that is his job but when he is 18 I will help him look.

my latest fav snack

a bit blurry but oh so yummy!!!

My kids have confirmed that I am nuts...why else would i take pictures of Wheat Thin stix?? Because I want to share my new find with all my friends...
I wish you were here to have some with me.....
oh,never mind someone finished them...they seem to be a favorite with everyone here

Sunday, September 5, 2010

annual family picnic

this s'more was made with one marshmallow...can we say sugar overload? I barely finished this one but the kids seems to put a ton away

Teen, DG, becky ( me), Son and Hubby

me with my brothers and step-mom and Dad

brothers and me with my mom

me and my brothers...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

September 3, 2010

Son,14 and 9th grade...DQ,15 and 10th grade

Son....Woke me up the night before school to have a stain removed from this shirt...and then got up in the morning before me to shower and put on deodorant 2 times....yup, there is a girl he likes. I asked him who she is but he said he won't tell me because he doesn't want me to embarrass him on Facebook...who me? ever embarass any of my kids?

DQ ...yes here is the Drama can't see but we streaked her hair, she hated it and wanted me to do it again but...I refused since we "permed" ( straightened with chemicals) her hair, then dyed it midnight black and then put in streaks. I told her she might go bald! she was so thrilled we didn't change it because her "peeps" told her they liked it!

Waiting for the bus....I think she stands too close to the road...but you know, I am the Mom and what do I know? LOL

my new baby!!!

This is Eli playing with a dyer sheet.......h was a gift to DQ but he seems to have become my kitty,,,as I am the one who feeds and cleans the litter box....

He is all tuckered out and decided that sleepin in the headboard of my bed is a nice quiet place

Friday, August 27, 2010

so, yesterday on my way home from work...I put my foot on the brake and nothing happened except the pedal went right to the floor. I am sooo thankful I didn't have to stop and that I coul djust pull over and coast to a stop. I called hubby, told him to come and get me and I called AAA. almost 2 hours later AAA came to rescue me. While hubby and I were sitting, a cop car drove by us 5 times and didn't bother to ask us if we were ok. A taxi, stopped and cmae over to ask for directions but didn't ask if we were ok. I was so thankful that hubby was with me....
car is now in the shop...grrr

Monday, August 23, 2010

my baby boy!!!

When Son was a week old, we got a call from the social worker telling us he was ready to come home. We were told that he would be adoptable as none of his birth family had stepped forward. His older sister was living with us at the time and her grandmother had petitioned for Custody. We had to have family visits with Son, his sister and the birth family. One day an aunt held him and decided that he needed to live with them. When Son was 6 months old, the court said he had to go and live with the aunt and her family. sister went to the grandmother. My heart broke.

Fast forward just about 13 months. I had a miscarriage, my second one. And we recieved a call from the aunt. all son did was cry and cray and she did not want to deal with her sister's problems any more. would we take him back? Of course we would!!! When I went to get him, he was in her arms, he reached out with his hand and stroked my face. I knew he belonged with us!! WE went to court for custody and after a few false starts ( like aunt saying she wanted him back!) we were given custody!

Yesterday my baby boy turned 14!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

deck or porch....

it looks so bright and big...
but it didn't stay that way for long....

down came the porch...

Lorna and Sharif get married

me and Ernie
table decoration....

the bride and groom

Terina and Tanisha

the bride and groom

all the kids just hanging out during the reception

my men...Ernie and Ethan



me and Ernie

MY July work DC trip

George and Abe were on loan from Madame Toussands and they were visiting the Gaylord National Resort that I was staying at

Friday evening, July 16,2010, I took a bus toar of the DC area as I had never been there before. I loved the Lincoln Memorial!

No, I don't know these people...and the Pres and his family were not at home when I came to visit.

while I loved the Lincoln memorial, the Korean memorial was just awesome at time...and totally gave me the chills. There are 19 men walking up this slope. amd when they are reflected in the wall, it looks like there are 38 of them and that rep[resents the 38th parrallel whick separates the North from south Korea.

The faces on the Korean Memorial seemed to "pop" out at me when I was taking these pictures.

the Capital building

There were sandsculptures in the resort...very interesting

and this is Paul from Peter, Paul and Mary. he was one of the speakers at the conference...he sang Puff the magic Dragon for us...