Sunday, December 21, 2008

snow snow and more snow....been in the housepretty much since I got home on friday...going stir crazy and need to get out of here and it is not going to happen.....
ok, go that out of my system....
Church was cancelled this morning due to snow....
kids have made candy cane houses...will try to post pics later...
kids have been playing out in the snow and shovelling...and were kind to shovel the neighbors who were kinda nd gave them hot chocolate....
me, I am bored!!!! I didn't get to sneak out and get the last gift ....drats!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

So, SHE has moved back in with BF and Evil Woman. Ernie got a phone call from the housing caseworker and the landlord will not be taking SHE to court for breaking the lease but will be requiring that SHE pay for the exterminator to get rid of the fleas and roaches that are in the apartment that were not there when she moved in. Ernie called the landlord and told him that since he is the payee for the SSI, he will make sure that it gets paid for. Did I tell you that Evil Woman had called the landlord pretending to me be and cursed him out a few weeks ago? Ernie told the landlord that it was not me. Landlord said it was such an evil and vile message that he did not listen to the whole message and is glad to know it was not me.
SHE moved out of the apt on Wed. and has called here a few times. SHE asked Ern if SHE could get someone else to be the payee for SSI and he said sure. SHE has called here looking for money and he told her when her check comes next month SHe will get it.
SHE called one day and TEEN answered. SHE told her that when TEEN's birthday comes ( in May, mind you) SHe will take her out for dinner. Ummm..I think not. I do not want my other cildren being alone with SHE while SHE is living this life I do not approve of.

SHE has not asked to speak to me since before SHE moved. The last time we spoke SHE "F'd" worded all over the place. I told her I refused to speak to her when SHe talks like that so she said "F You, Mom" and hung up. I guess I will mail her gifts off to her. I am not sending gifts to the people SHE lives with.
I beleive that these people have an evil grasp on her. SHE believes what they tell her, like an amino is very important to test for Downs of the baby and for genetic testing. They will not tell us what genetic testing they feel should be done. If there is something wrong with the baby, Evil Woman says there should still be an abortion.
All the workers that have been working with SHE feel SHE has gotten into something very bad. SHE really had a wonderful thing going with the apt and programs SHE was in....
It really is hard not to be worried, I am but with God's help I am not the basket case I would have been a few years ago....

Friday, December 19, 2008

OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY little 15 minute ride home from work took over an hour today...close to an hour and a half, ...going 15 MPH on the highway...shortly after I go off of it, they closed it down......scarey with some idiots flying by and hitting other cars or endingup in ditches or in the median...over 200 accidents in the county betweeen 11AM-1PM today....sure was glad I got home safely...prayed the whole time...every time I saw someone flying by me, was praying that God would spare me and not let them hit me...God was indeed good today to me...hopefully he was good to everyone who had accidents and they were not hurt

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Today at work, I told my boss I would be interested in working full time and then proceeded to feel like I was floundering and felt like I couldn't do anything right or please anyone....
I guess Friday is a new day...tomorrow I am off....

Monday, December 15, 2008

SHE is planning on moving out of her apartment tomorrow and back in with BF and Evil Woman. SHE really had a good thing with the place SHE had...but SHE is throwing it all away to live with those people. SHE had to pay very little out of pocket to live there. I wonder how long it will be before SHE upsets them and they want her to leave??? So far SHE is keeping it under control being off the meds. her sheltered workshop says that SHE is loud and more aggressive but holding it together most days...

It is all just a wait and see game...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

all decorated

Jenna decided this year that she would decorate the tree.....and these are a few of my favorite ornaments
I have some Annalee mice hiding in the tree

the ornament from the Purple heart Hall of Honor...we try to get ornaments that remind us of trips or special places we have been too

I love angels....and this one carries a sign that says "caution:low flying angels"

Ethan and I were haivng a Mommy son day today and we found this cute porcupine...and since he was on sale for less than a dollar , we got him and his buddy

this cardinal was also on sale we bought him and his brother who is hangin out on another branch

Friday, December 12, 2008

Poor disappointed children we had today! The weather people were making such a big deal about the ice we were to have today and all we got was rain. No day off from school and no delays. for children who decided to stay up tooo late that sure did make for a rude awakening and the grouchies!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008
So, this girl still has not been found...and the person of interest is a real scum bag. Not sure why I am following this so closely.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Warnings for young girls

As I was out and about today, doing my family support for work, I noticed a helicopter flying about. and started to wonder why it was just flying around in a circular pattern. I remembered that there is a young girl, 25ish, missing from NYC and that the man that she was last seen with lives in this area., I went and did my family support....and on my way back to work, I noticed a bunch of state trooper cars in what I thought were strange spots....and troopers walking in strange in marshy middle areas between the eastbound and west bound lanes and over past the guard rails. then I saw the local newspaper's car parked along side of the road. I called home and asked Ern if he had heard anything on the news but he hadn't. When I had a chance, I looked it up on line and they were searching for clues.
What possesses a young girl to get in a car with a man she meets at a night club and go off with him. There was a witness that had been in the car with them and said that they had been kissing and laughing...the suspect is a convicted sex offender...You never can tell just by looking at these good looking young men, they can be evil, just evil....
so, here I am telling my girls to never ever get in a car with a guy that they don't know and to never ever allow a guy they meet at a night club to pick them up like that...and my girls' response was..."Mom we aren't even old enough to get in these clubs and you would never let us go out like that anyway"....

Thursday, December 4, 2008

oh....I felt shaggy and looking skunky

oh, it had been a while since I had scheduled time to get my hair, not only was I feeling a bit shaggy...I had that 2 toned hair that I cannot stand to see in other people. Serves me right for thinking bad thoughts about other women who do not keep up with their hair. I really hate it when women ( ok, you men that do it too) color thier hair and don't keep up with it! I finally had a day off from work where I had a whole day that I could do what I needed to do... I called my shop, where I massage, and scheduled a color and a cut....



and it never looks quite the same when I do it but it does look a lot better than the before pics!!!

Turkeyday pictures!

what a funny happy day it was, wasn't it?

Terina and Jenna....

Ernie and Jenna

I was soo hungry I forgot to take off the grandma apron!

Jenna hugging the stuffing out of Nana

Ethan participating in his favorite sport...eating

Jenna's pumpkin pie...delish!!!

My apple pie...tasted as good as it looked