Thursday, October 30, 2008

strange strange weather....strange strange behaviors

what a strange week it was....Monday started out very windy. I felt like I was being blwon off the road while going to work. Tuesday it was more of the same but with slush falling from the sky. Wednesday, I headed out to work with more wind but ice falling fromthe sky. There was no accumulations but the drives were horrendous.
Tuesday night, there were a half a dozen police cars and a few ambulances down the road from us for about a hour. Not sure what was going on. Last night,around 8PM, while I was out at a meeting, they closed off the road, and there was , again, about a half dozen police cars and a few ambulances at the same home. This time, the police were NOT letting any cars down the road at all. The kids said that around 9PM, they all left. I looked at the web site for the local paper and for the local news stations but could not find anything about it. ....strange.....I do know that a month or so ago, I saw police escorting a man with suitcases from that I am thinking some sort of domestic distrubance.
A few of my work families have had children hospitialized...and that upsets me so. As you know, I work with families that have children with mental health issues, and try to help the parents keep the kids home and out of hospitals and out of residential treatment placements. I feel like I let these families down but my co-workers let me know that I didn't. I was re-assured that this is the time of year that these things happen....shool pressures get to be too much, holidays are around the corner, the kids are inside more... It was/is still disheartening.

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