Saturday, November 1, 2008

sugar overdose...and food issues

The kids are overdosed on sugar. I figure they are all old enough that they should know when enough is enough and I am tired of arguing with them about how much they should and should not be eating. ( and I wonder why my Son is overweight?) . Obviously, they don't. Last night, as I was getting ready for bed, I heard Son moaning and groaning in his sleep " too much candy, too much candy". I thought to myself " good, maybe he will learn not to overdo it with candy. I do not think he learned his lesson because he is eating candy again.

Many kids who have been in foster care have issues surrounding food. Food is one thing that they can control. Many of them hoard food because food was either withheld from them or there was never enough. When there is "special" food, like Halloween candy, they will eat it as quickly as they can because they are afraid they will never see it again. I had a child who would hoard sliced American cheese...not sure why she liked cheese but she did and so did the mice...

To combat the mice issues, we got a the cat has issues and loves to bring me the mice...last night, the cat brought me a disemboweled headless mouse and dropped it on my pillow as I was sleeping...what a fitting Halloween present, don't you think?

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Kelly said...

Shelby has overdone it sometimes, but this year I don't think she is wolfing her spoils down as fast. I love candy as much as the next person, especially chocolate, but I got to monitor myself too. MMMMM dead mouse...gotta love it. Just pet the cat and say good kitty, after all the cat is doing the job. ;)