Thursday, March 31, 2011

some days I really hate face book

I had decided to delete this blog since I started a new one about my adventures in my new way of eating as a vegan.  Yup, I have given up eating animal products...but am not gonna talk about that here....

so, today, DQ was on facebook , talking to a boy who is a friend of her's. At least she thought it was the boy.  Turned out it was the boy's girl friend.  and the girl got all nasty and in DQ's face.  and told her to go and suck on a well, it was not a very nice word and told her to choke on it.  DO NOT OPEN THAT IM AND  DO NOT RESPOND. DO NOT OPEN THAT IM AND DO NOT RESPOND.  the temptation was too strong and she responded.  I SAID DO NOT OPEN THAT IM AND DO NOT RESPOND, YOU DO IT AGAIN I WILL SHUT DOWN THE COMPUTER AND TAKE WAY YOUR PHONE. Man, Mom, you have good eyes!    She got up, and walked away when she saw that they other girl who was threatening her was trying to "friend " her on Facebook. Why do thies kids think they can do these things?

why do girls feel it is ok to threaten another girl for just talking to thier "man"? Why are they so insecure in who they are that they feel they always have to have a man?  and I am talking about my daughter here too.  she feels she is not worht anything here if she does not have a boyfriend.  How do we as Mom's , as adults make these girls understand that they are beautiful and wonderful just the way they are?  That they do nto have to dress as sluts or have boys to be worth something?