Monday, November 17, 2008

So, over the weekend, SHE called and the BF's evil mom wants to come to the DR appt this week. I said I would rather it just be SHE and Mommy time since I see so little of SHE. SHE said the EW ( BF's Evil mom) wants answers to some questions. I called EW and told her I really wanted to be able to spend time with my daughter...and Ew started spewing evil at me....and said that she will just have to handle this legally.

According to SHE, EW is going to take me to court to get custody of the baby...umm,,,never said I wanted custody....LOL

Took SHE to a therapy appt today and SHE is just a mess. SHE is upset with me for not liking BF and his family. Oh well, I don't have to like them. SHE says that because I am not blood related, and just adopted SHE that EW says I have no legal reason for having anything to do with the baby....LOL would love to see judges face when they read that !!! I will not be giong to SHE's Dr appt...SHE says that EW is going to be taking her. that will last for an appointment or 2...and then SHE will be calling me and I will be right there supporting her like I always do....can't let my daughter go without medical care before she is 21....

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