Monday, November 3, 2008

I would rather

I have changed my mind...I would rather not sleep in the middle of the night...than have to be dealing with head lice for the second time since school started this year,.....just saying


Kelly said...

Very frustrating. I hope the school has screenings to keep it under control and find the ones that may be spreading it.

Rjet33 said...

OMG, I have had to deal with that so many times, it isn't even funny, and of course, my daughter had long thick luxurious hair making it that much harder to get rid off! In Colorado, it was one of her friends that kept exposing her to it. There were only a couple of kids who came over on a regular basis. I told my daughter it had to be one or ther other. I checked K one day when she came over. It wasn't her. The next time A came over I checked her. It was her! I have never seen such a bad case. I thought I was going to puke. Once I found out who was giving it to her and brought it to her guardian's attention and they treated her for it, we were finally able to get rid of it in our household. It is a pain in the #$%&* to get rid of.



Dornbrau said...

When I lived in Scotland we had to go through lice checks every month. I kind of wish they did that here. We've already had 3 outbreaks in the house since the beginning of summer. As a precaution I don't allow sleep overs... not here or at friends houses. Of course there are other ways of getting lice and those little critters just love long hair!

Kindyland said...

Oh no. We got a note sent home that it was going through our school. It's so hard to get rid of. Bummer man!