Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fun shopping

did I just say fun shopping? and it was dress shopping for the girls for homecoming....If you know me, I HATE shopping especially with the girls. I know, odd right? What woman hates shopping? Me and guess what I dislike chocolate!
So, there is a cute consignment shop in the village that I wanted to go to. It is called Recycled Style. When arrived, there were 4 other women shoppping...and they were a hoot! They helped the girls find things to try on. They insisted on seeing the girls in the dresses. We walked out of there spending $83 for 2 dresses, one scarf, and 2 bobos. I am sure there is another name for a bobo but that is what the girls here call them. they are knitted kinda slouchy hats that they were ont he back of their heads and tuck their hair in. We then headed to another conisgnment shop and bought 2 pairs of jeans for Son. We ended up our girls day with a late lunch at Chilis...Teen had a cheeseburger, DQ had chicken fajitas and I had an Quesidilla Explosion Salad. It was nice spending time with my girls and laughing.

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Lisa said...

What a WONDERFUL day!!! Great memories!!! I had no idea you didn't like chocolate or shopping. There are times when both do bore me as well... but LOL it isn't very often that this thought occurs to me. I was so glad you explained what a bobo was. I was wondering...