Monday, August 23, 2010

my baby boy!!!

When Son was a week old, we got a call from the social worker telling us he was ready to come home. We were told that he would be adoptable as none of his birth family had stepped forward. His older sister was living with us at the time and her grandmother had petitioned for Custody. We had to have family visits with Son, his sister and the birth family. One day an aunt held him and decided that he needed to live with them. When Son was 6 months old, the court said he had to go and live with the aunt and her family. sister went to the grandmother. My heart broke.

Fast forward just about 13 months. I had a miscarriage, my second one. And we recieved a call from the aunt. all son did was cry and cray and she did not want to deal with her sister's problems any more. would we take him back? Of course we would!!! When I went to get him, he was in her arms, he reached out with his hand and stroked my face. I knew he belonged with us!! WE went to court for custody and after a few false starts ( like aunt saying she wanted him back!) we were given custody!

Yesterday my baby boy turned 14!!!


Missie said...

Happy Birthday to your son!

My blog's name and address have changed.

hestiahomeschool said...

It was meant to be....he is so handsome!! My "baby" who came to me through adoption is now twenty two...they grow up so fast!!

love, Kas