Monday, September 6, 2010

it was bound to happen...

as you all know,mykids are adopted. yesterday Teen was looking at her facebook and said "M" I said what about him? He asked her to be friends...and M is her bio brother...we have not seen him for years.
We used to have a relationship with him, his mother and other siblings. He used to live with us before he went back to live with their mother. We had visits after that, we would drive down to see them. One day, they disappeared..and then they called us about a year or 2 after 9/11. The mother, H, would make promises to send presents, and come visit but that did't happy. Phone calls would stop and then re-start. It tore Teen apart when they would call and when the calls stopped. I finally said enough was enough and told H to stop calling us.
So, M found her on Facebook...she friended him...and they have called each other...
He has "been away" and got out 6 months ago. He is still with his mother and the other siblings. The conversation between them was very stilted.
Teen is 18 now and thaat had been the agreed upon time to try to find him again....and he found her.
It has brought up questions for Son, who has no relationship with his siblings. he said that he tried to find his sister and so far nothing. I told him that while he is in high school, that is his job but when he is 18 I will help him look.

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Lisa said...

Wow!! This brings back so many memories from our foster parenting classes. Sometimes there is a lot of heartache in these situations. All you can do is help prepare them to expect nothing and then if anything positive happens with reconnecting then it is a bright spot and they aren't so let down.