Friday, August 27, 2010

so, yesterday on my way home from work...I put my foot on the brake and nothing happened except the pedal went right to the floor. I am sooo thankful I didn't have to stop and that I coul djust pull over and coast to a stop. I called hubby, told him to come and get me and I called AAA. almost 2 hours later AAA came to rescue me. While hubby and I were sitting, a cop car drove by us 5 times and didn't bother to ask us if we were ok. A taxi, stopped and cmae over to ask for directions but didn't ask if we were ok. I was so thankful that hubby was with me....
car is now in the shop...grrr


Missie said...

That's scary! Thank godness no one got hurt. I'm always afraid of the brakes not working. Guess I watch too many soaps during the day. LOL

Anonymous said...

Becky, thank God everything is ok... had a similar experience when I broke down on the side of the highway. I was out of state when it happened with my 6 yr old. Unmarked police officer pulled over and called AAA for us, (no help, I had already called).
We were in the woods by the road, because cars were flying by us, some well over 80mph while sitting in the van.

Cop said, "Get out of the woods, you'll be safer in your vehicle"
Really? Sat there in the van with my little boy for over 2 hours waiting for AAA....our van shook when the other ars blew by.

Towed to a garage who ripped us off because we were out of state.

Lost some faith in goodwill of men...between the police officer who didn't seem to care I was stranded with a little boy on the side of the highway and a the mechanic who charged us $800.00!

Hope your car can be fixed for a lot less....


Lisa said...

Hi Becky!! Yes, I'm still alive and occasionally blogging more often!! Speaking of car problems... my mechanic is so slow putting in my transmission!!! Hope both of us get our vehicles fixed quickly.
Lisa in Kentucky

hestiahomeschool said...

we have such the opposite experience where we live!! A few days ago I stopped by the side of the road to attempt to rescue a dog we had seen lurking by the side of the road a few times. In the ten minutes we had parked with the flashers on, EVERY SINGLE CAR stopped and wanted to know if we needed help. Maybe you need to move down here and be my neighbor! The people are so nice.

love, Kas