Saturday, January 3, 2009

what to do on a snowy day?

Wonder what these little airplane looking things are? Looks like a little birdie took shelter on our front porch from the storm
We have to have a path shovelled from the porch to the road, so we can easily get our mail and the kids can get to school.

Here are Teen and Son helping out the neighbor across the road'd that picture get in here? no makeup, hair not done...yikes

To kill time the kids made little candy houses

Teen is all smiles

DQ is being a drama queen and upset because her candy house kept falling apart...

and when all else fails...pull out the Leggos and make things!

Now we are chillin'

( events happened before Christmas...I am just getting caught up!)


Christy said...

Missed seeing you write, glad you're back. God Bless

Lynne said...

That was so nice of your children to help the neighbor!