Tuesday, January 6, 2009

SHE came to visit on Sunday...Ern picked her up...SHE came to church and then SHE asked Ern to drive her home....I think SHE spent 15 minutes alone with us but there were no arguments so that is a very good thing


Kelly said...

Well, this is very encouraging. Maybe things will turn around and at least be tolerable. Hugs, Kelly

Janis said...

A lot of great pictures! I love the Chinese carry out for dinner...sounds like a great deal for the cook! :)

Hope things continue to be peaceful!

Kelly Dawn said...

Ok so I have NO idea where I have been and why I have not been here but I saw your icon on a comment and thought is that becky? dont ask...I am an idiot....Ok so I am all caught up from the time we all came here from aol...ummm oldest child is pregnant...ok....you so need to email me...kellydlawrence@gmail.com