Saturday, January 10, 2009

being a good neighbor..... or not

Last night when I got home....and pulled into the church/my house's drive way I was surprised to see cars and no one at the church. the first car was by the front of the church..the other 5 cars were back in the parking lot all lined up. My driveway comes right off the parking lot and there were 2 cars blocking my way in. I could not get into my driveway and I had a trunk full of groceries. I called the Pastor and asked him if he knew anything about people using our parking lot. He didn't. I knew that my husband, the Deacon, didn't know anything about it. I told the Pastor that I would be calling the police. I called the police, not the 911 number because it was not an emergency and told them what was going on. They sent 2 cars out. I figured out that neighbors who live down a lane across the road were the ones who were using the parking lot but I don't know them. The police said I could have them towed and that I did not need to even try to figure out who owned the vehicles and all 6 could be towed. I told them I didn't want to cause trouble but I don't know those neighbors and I have been told they are aloof and rude to other neighbors and if they could go and ask if the cars belonged to them, I would appreciate it. So, they went and 2 women came and moved their vehicles. When I saw them coming, I went out to move my van into my driveway...and the 2 women kept staring at me..and looking back at me until I got into the house. They didn't apologize for blocking the driveway or anything, just kept staring. I felt like yelling at them "Your so welcome I didn't have them towed" but I didn't...
Ernie or the Pastor will be going over to talk to them at some time to tell them that we do not mind if they want to use the parking lot when they have parties but to please tell us first and to please ask their guests to not block my driveway.
( scroll down for pics...)

the front of hte church...first car was parked by the porch

between the church and the tree is the driveway for me and the church

the parking lot and these trees is where it starts to become my driveway

you can see that it is my driveway and all that other space is parking lot. they were parked blocking my driveway and on this side of the parking lot, all in a row

I was standing where the cars were parked.....even in the dark without a red van parked there, and without the snow ( which was falling as I took the picture) you could tell it was a driveway and people live there and need to use it

and they were facing the garage,,,who blocks garages???


BlueRidge Boomer said...

WHO does block a garage??!!

Terri said...

Yayyyyy Becky!

I looked and looked for you on everyones followers and couldn't find you for the life of me...glad you found me...I've missed ya!

Sorry your neighbors weren't very courteous when it came to blocking your drive...UGH!