Saturday, January 31, 2009

Last day of the month

Wow! this month flew by!! At least it did for me!!! I am exhausted!!! Of course the fact that I was awake from 2-4 AM last night did not help! I emotionally brought work home with me,,worried about some families I work with and some testing I did and if I scored it properly...silly but I fret, I am a fretter.

I am bored...and hungry and there is nothing easy to eat...everything is either frozen or takes time to cook and I want to eat now!!! Ernie and 2 of the kids are out at a basketball game...and if I want to go out and get something, I guess I would have to get dressed, comb my hair and get in the car and drive...I am too tired

I am going for a weeks worth of training Mon-Fri...I will be staying at a Holiday Inn, and hanging at the pool at night.....can't wait for some time away....not sure if I can re-juvinate but time away is always good

We are supposed to have snow on Tuesday but that is ok...I will be snug in the hotel! LOL


Anonymous said...

I love your saying there is nothing easy to eat, because I think that is what many people often mean when they say they have nothing to eat. They actually have something they could make, but they want it NOW and TASTY :-).

Some of my 2 am emotional head ramblings are very deictic.
I've been trying to stop by everyone who has been following my blog. I hope overall you are doing well :-). ~Mary

Becky said...

I totally agree with that! My kids often tell me thereis nothing to eat, and it ends up being nothing they want to eat or there is nothing cooked for them to eat

Missie said...

I'm glad January is over, cause that means Spring is one month closer!

Lisa said...

Yes seems like January flew by!!! I hate when I forget to thaw something and then am hungry for something now. That happens a lot here in our house being so busy. The training will probably be like a vacation if you get to be away from home... yes, I would be at the pool too!! Have a great week ahead!

Shelly said...

lol...sometimes I feel the same way. I want something to eat now but I don't wanna cook it. lol Enjoy your time away. love ya!!

Terri said...

I bring work home emotionally sometimes too..UGH!

Hope you enjoy your time away at the hotel and especially the pool!