Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas pictures

to give the cook a break, we order Chinese food for Christmas Eve...yummo

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from Christmas day

DQ painted a bunch of gifts this year...she painted this pirate ship for Son

Here I am...before shower, got to love the standing up hair....with my painted treasure box

Ernie also got a treasure box

TEEN got a picture frame....

SON bought me an apron with a snowman on it

Son found a shirt for Ernie

DQ got a glass angel

I stole this pencil drawing off TEEN's wall and took it to be framed for her. She drew it last year in art class

TEEN is putting on a necklace Ernie and bought for DQ

the girls are showing off their necklaces....TEENS is a music one...and DQ's says something about Daring to dream


Linda :) said...

I loved all the Christmas pictures and the homemade gifts nad the snow and the chinese food, mmmmmmm...
Have a blessed Sunday! :)

Kindyland said...

How sweet. Teen is very talented with the drawing! We ordered Chinese on Christmas Eve too. That should be a family tradition!

Missie said...

Loved the pictures! Have a good week.

Lisa said...

Awesome pictures and oh how I love that picture teen drew and the frame is so nice! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas and lots of joy and smiles! Happy New Year Becky!

Kelly said...

All very thoughtful wonderful gifts for each other. :) The best ones are always home made. :) Hugs, Kelly