Saturday, April 4, 2009


last night...we settled into our beds. I went to bed early watching 20/20 and fell asleep. Some time later I heard strange noises and woke up. the lights were flickering, the TV was shutting itself off and on, the house seemed haunted. the dog was barking and howling. Ern took the dog out. When they came back in, Ern said there was a Elec Co. truck working at the end of the road. I tried to shut off the TV but it wouldn't shut off. Finally, everything shut off. Then I fall back to sleep. I don't know what time it was but the next ting I hear was the computerized baby crying and crying anc crying. iget out of bed to go and see if I could be of any help.
"Can't you shut that thing up?"
DQ looks at me crying " I can't find the keys"
TEEN says "We looked everywhere"
I look under the bed at the mess and said "If it is under here, you will never find it"
We pull all the junk out and nope, they are not there. I finally decide to look in the baby carrier and guess what? There they are.....

DQ is crying,,,exhausted, she has not slept. Son looks at a cell phone and it is after 1. I , being the great Mom and Grandma to a computerized baby, decide to take the baby for the night.

That baby is the baby from HELL! It cried at 2 and then 205, 2:25, 2:30..3:00 3:05, 3:45 3:50....4:30,4:45..5:30..7:00,8.... I am tired....

QG has an appt this morning....Well, whatcha know that baby is crying AGAIN!!!....figures it sleeps during the day when I am awake and not wanting sleep!

I am so going to be the kind of Grandma that will be so glad when I can just hand back the kids to their parents.


Lynne said...

Ohmygosh Becky, you had me laughing until the tears came, lol. I could not help but think some poetic justice hit because you said it out loud that you could not stand it crying. Too funny. Hope you get some rest!

Missie said...

Nicci had that baby last year! Thank God it never cried that much! LOL

Lisa said...

OH MY GARSH I am laughing so hard.... that is crazy... the baby that cries every ten minutes or so.... hope you were able to get a nap today! LOL LOL LOL. You are a good grandma!

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