Monday, April 6, 2009

the all knowing one

I think I am changing the Evil One's/OutLaw's name,again to AKO as in ALL KNOWING ONE...Saturday, I recieve a call from SHE....
SHE: the baby has turned and is in perfect position for being born.
Me: oh, you had a DR vist this week?
SHE: no, AKO told meME: so is she now a midwife?
SHE: no but she has had 3 babies an dyou haven't she knows these things
ME:Ahhh, so glad you have AKO to tell you all these things,
SHE: I have been having retractions all dayME: you mean contractions?
SHE: no, AKO said I am having retractions and they hurt
ME: ahh...AKO knows soo much, so glad you have her in your life...


Lisa said...

Oh dear I hope she goes to a doctor!

Missie said...

Oh my! I'm not even sure what to write here.....