Sunday, April 26, 2009

The shower was ok. It was a very small event but was ok. I has TEEN take some pics but she didn't take many. Before I left, I put together the pack and play, with help from one of SHE"s friend's. The boyfriend kept asking why we were putting it together and I told him tha tthe baby is due in a week, and that they need something put together just in case. The crib is bought but not together, yet.
I spent some time, alone with the other mother..and I think we finally connected....she has an older son, 25, who is on 3 years probation for drugs. He has been MIA since Thursday. She said he is really stressing her out, and that she is worrying about him all the time, and when he doesn't come home, she doesn't sleep..and that she is thinking of putting homj out of the house. I spoke up and said, that while my situation with SHE was different....I could understand how she felt. When SHE was terrorizing my younger children, and then moved out, it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and then my other children were able to feel safe and were able to settle down. When SHE wanted to move back home I had to say no, it was a very hard thing as a parent to say no but I had my younger children to think of. I told her that she will now have a baby in the house to think of and her health and that her son is an adult. She was able to tell me that she sees the things I was telling her about SHE. I think we understand each other better now.

I will try to get the pics on here later..


Lynne said...

People tend to only believe one side until they see it for themselves. I am waiting for the day my Twin makes that decision where her son is concerned. He is sucking the life out of her and her family, and she keeps putting up with his stuff. Parenting is not easy!

Cindi ;) said...

Glad you are making the connections...parenting is tough!

Lisa said...

Sounds like the shower went well and it is good you had a chance to connect with the other mother.
Lisa in KY