Friday, April 3, 2009

a new baby

DQ has a baby....she brought it home today from school...and it cries.. until a key is inserted into its back... I have been home for a hour and have heard it cry 4 times and I am ready to throw it out the window....
I am sooo not in the mood for any more babies in this house...if SHE cannot take care of her baby, I do not see how I could ever take it...I really don't. I was in the store the other day and heard a baby crying ( at 10 PM, mind you) and wanted to go up to the mother and tell her " I shop late to get away from kids, take your baby home so I and the rest of the customers do not have to hear it" When I hear toddlers crying and screaming in the store I want to go up to the parents and ask them if they must subject the rest of us to that sound. Take them out of the store!!! I really have no patience.
I have turned into a grouchy, hot flashing menopausal woman....keep all small children and dogs away from me!