Thursday, December 4, 2008

Turkeyday pictures!

what a funny happy day it was, wasn't it?

Terina and Jenna....

Ernie and Jenna

I was soo hungry I forgot to take off the grandma apron!

Jenna hugging the stuffing out of Nana

Ethan participating in his favorite sport...eating

Jenna's pumpkin pie...delish!!!

My apple pie...tasted as good as it looked


Lynne said...

Great family photos and the food looks very good!

Linda :) said...

What a great Thanksgiving!!! :)

Rjet33 said...

Mmmm, wish I had some of that apple pie! Loved the photos. They were great. Didn't get any this year since I was sick and didn't get to participate. ::sigh:: I did enjoy seeing yours though.

Merry Christmas!~


Anonymous said...

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