Saturday, December 20, 2008

So, SHE has moved back in with BF and Evil Woman. Ernie got a phone call from the housing caseworker and the landlord will not be taking SHE to court for breaking the lease but will be requiring that SHE pay for the exterminator to get rid of the fleas and roaches that are in the apartment that were not there when she moved in. Ernie called the landlord and told him that since he is the payee for the SSI, he will make sure that it gets paid for. Did I tell you that Evil Woman had called the landlord pretending to me be and cursed him out a few weeks ago? Ernie told the landlord that it was not me. Landlord said it was such an evil and vile message that he did not listen to the whole message and is glad to know it was not me.
SHE moved out of the apt on Wed. and has called here a few times. SHE asked Ern if SHE could get someone else to be the payee for SSI and he said sure. SHE has called here looking for money and he told her when her check comes next month SHe will get it.
SHE called one day and TEEN answered. SHE told her that when TEEN's birthday comes ( in May, mind you) SHe will take her out for dinner. Ummm..I think not. I do not want my other cildren being alone with SHE while SHE is living this life I do not approve of.

SHE has not asked to speak to me since before SHE moved. The last time we spoke SHE "F'd" worded all over the place. I told her I refused to speak to her when SHe talks like that so she said "F You, Mom" and hung up. I guess I will mail her gifts off to her. I am not sending gifts to the people SHE lives with.
I beleive that these people have an evil grasp on her. SHE believes what they tell her, like an amino is very important to test for Downs of the baby and for genetic testing. They will not tell us what genetic testing they feel should be done. If there is something wrong with the baby, Evil Woman says there should still be an abortion.
All the workers that have been working with SHE feel SHE has gotten into something very bad. SHE really had a wonderful thing going with the apt and programs SHE was in....
It really is hard not to be worried, I am but with God's help I am not the basket case I would have been a few years ago....

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Lynne said...

Hi Becky.

I am assuming "She" is your daughter? I'm so sorry she is making bad choices right now. It is hard sometimes to let go and let God. Pray that she will come around and open her heart and eyes to where she is at and where she should be. God Bless!