Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Son came up to me ther other day and told me there needs to be a store where people can pay money to go and break things when they are angry! I asked him if he was angry and he said not since he broke something and thought of the store!!!!

SHE will be turning 21 on the 20th.....I bought some cute baby boy clothes and told her and SHe got upset with me for buying stuff for the baby who isn't born and not having bought anythig yet for her birthday....because we all know it is all aobut her!

Teen has been running track again and DQ will be joining her. I will be able to yell for 2 of my girls as they go running by me at track meets!!!


Kelly said...

Hmmm SHE needs a reality check. Its not about her anymore, and wont be for years and years to come. Its that baby's turn now. She made that decision, now she has to live it. Yell loud and proud for your girl at the track! :) Hugs, Kelly

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

sometimes children has to vent their emotions but hopefully not to us..

Lisa said...

Teens... SHE will understand soon what it's all really about! Great idea of son... he could make money on that one! I'll send some people I know right over to smash some stuff LOL... Can I be his first customer? I have custody battle anger issues to get out LOL LOL LOL and then there's the having a teenager issue... LOL I may need to pay for two rounds of anger management fun. LOL
Lisa in KY