Thursday, March 26, 2009

the little doggie that could

A few years ago, some of us were fooling around on my bed, no not what you are thinking, and the frame of the bed broke. I think the kids and I were having a tickle fest. So, we put the box spring and mattress on the floor. We really needed to get a new bed but $$ has been an issue. I would much rather have running cars, you know?
Anyway, someone we know was giving away a bed that her child had bought and used for about a month before the marriage busted up and has just been sitting unused in a bedroom. This person was trying to empty out the room and asked us if we thought we would want it and of course we said yes!!! Ern and one of the guys from the church who has a truck went to get it yesterday afternoon.
When I got home Son was all excited to show me, my new bed! It is much higher than my old bed and much firmer! and there is poor old arthritic JoJo sadly looking at it, as if to say, How the heck to you expect me to ever get up on that bed? He tried once or twice to get on in and just could not jump that high. Good! Ern and I will finally have a bed to ourselves at night!!! We all went down for dinner, JoJo too.
We all continued with our evening activities and then JoJo went for his last evening walk with Ern. I finished my email. I went up to bed and there is JoJo on the bed looking all smug. How'd you get here?, I asked him but he just gave me that smug look of his. Everyone denied putting him on the bed. I just knew someone put him on the bed. I took him off the bed, hoping he would find someone else to go and sleep with. I finished getting ready for bed, got into bed, started to read my book waiting for Ern to come to bed, and next thing I knew, JoJo jumped up on the bed. Drats!!!! It took me 12 years to get the kids to leave me alone at night and I thought I had finally found a way to keep the dog away at night! Foiled again!


Melissa said...

Awww, now don't you feel loved? lol

Lynne said...

LOL, too funny. I am glad it worked out for you to get a new bed and I hope you will have good rest inspite of having to share it with the pooch!

I don't know how big your dog is but ours weighs in at 65lbs now (she actually lost weight). She sleeps with us, sigh. And even with a King Size Bed, it can get quite crowded.