Saturday, June 2, 2012


A new grocery store has opened in tbe area , The Great Tang Supermarket. It is a mixture of various Asian foods.
I had a strange feeling come over me when I saw this can of sardines. I really miss the time and the people o know
And the food of the Philippines. I know if I were to go bavk today, it would not be the same an ally frienda would not be there but for now, i still have a longing for that time.


Anonymous said...

if you miss filipino food, there is a asian store at newburgh new york that sell a lot of filipino food.. TFS asian foodmart and they are located at 174 south plank road newburgh, new york 12550

Becky Johnson said...

Thamks for the info. Shows how much i din't know about Newburgh!

Missie said...

Never heard of that store. We have some stores with strange names opening up all over here in PA. Sorry it took me so long to read your blog.