Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 7 of 30 days of Becky

ok, so I have been slacking....

My best friend....hmmmm...another tough one....I have had more than one best friend in my life...depended on the time and the place.  When I was a teen Candy was my best friend.  She is a white Lake Camp friend. when I was in the navy first Jeff was my best friend, like a brother to me. He protected me when we were in the Philippines.  Then in Coronado, Joy was in my best friend.  I still stay in contact with all of them...and I can say I still love them...but we have all moved on and not sure we could still call each other best friends....good friends always.

Ernie, my husband, is now my best friend.  He is the one I can tell everything to.  He might not always agree with me but he sure does listen well!

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Missie said...

My husband is my best friend as well.