Tuesday, February 16, 2010

what I have been trying to do lately

I have turned into a stripper!!!! I have been stripping the stairs that go up to the bedroom...there must be close to a hundred years worth of paint on them..and I feel like I am getting nowhere fast!!!

There had been indoor/outdoor carpetting put down about 25ish years ago...and it was wrinkled and I pulled it up, you can see where they must have been treads at one time

in real life this looks like a pretty mustardy color

looks like I will never finish

birdie eating good stuff

silly squirrel gets on the line shakes it to make the seed fall...maybe he isn't so silly after all


Christy said...

It's been way too long since you blogged! Nice to see you again!!

Missie said...

Those stairs look like a very big job. Wish you luck and don't forget to post pics!

Linda :) said...

That's a big job! Good for you... :)