Wednesday, September 23, 2009

where have I been?

trying to keep things together...we are down to one car right now...Ernie is working the day shift . He was hurt at work and is on light duty and that put him doing clerical stuff. He has a mallet pinky finger and until that is better, he cannot restrain patients. It has been fun trying to figure out how we are going to get the 2 of us to work when we work in opposite directions. God has been so good and we have had cars/vans to borrow from friends.

the kids are back in school and doing well. so far! Teen is excited about her Senior year! hard to believe! She is in Tri-M which is a music honor thrilled with that. She is working very hard on college applications.


Janis said...

Welcome back! : )

Hope you are able to get a car soon! Glad the kids are doing well in school!


Rjet33 said...

Hope you got the car situtation worked out. I soooooooooo know how that is. Daughter has a car and Hubby has a truck that I can drive, but currently I personally have NO vehicle. :(