Friday, July 17, 2009

Busy busy busy....what can I say...miss you all....

Son got braces,,will post pics later,,, he left for Scout camp Sunday @ 11A.M., got a call @ 10:30P.M. that Scout Master was bringing him home as he passed out at 10P.M.
Dehydration...he left for camp again noon on Monday. He should be home tonight....

Teen just left at noon today to go camping with a family from church and will be back next Friday.

DQ is home with not much planned...have to find something special for her.....I think Ern and I will take her out for dinner. She might spend a few nights with a friend.

SHE and I are not talking. I have stopped calling her. I have not not been allowed to see the baby because I usually carry other people's germs. A few weeks ago, I invited her to come to a cook-out at my house. The Evil Woman kept asking if the Pastor's family was going to be there, I kept saying no. They kept telling me they did not believe me, that I ALWAYS lie and they can't believe a word I say. When I told Ern why SHE and the baby weren't coming I said SHE and Evil Woman called me a liar. When SHE talked to Ern and he confronted her about the conversation SHE had with me, SHE got upset and said SHE never called me a liar. When Ern asked me about it, I had to agree that SHE did not use the word liar but to say that they did not believe anything I say and that all I do is lie is to call me a liar. SHE takes things so literally, so in her mind, if SHE did not say the word Liar, SHE did not call me one. I have decided that if they feel all I do is lie, I am not going to be the one to initiate the calls. SHE can call me when SHE wants to talk.

Work is keeping me busy!!! and that is a good thing these days


Lynne said...

Glad the son got to feeling better and was able to continue with Scout camp!

Have a good day!

Missie said...

I'm glad your son is okay. Sounds scary! I wish SHE would realize how lucky she is to have you!!

Have a good week.

kanishk said...

feeling better and was able to continue with Scout camp!
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