Tuesday, June 12, 2007

just about all planted

Here is a sign that Ethan insisited we hang.....
a tomato plant
we planted 2 Square foot gardens (SFG) in the first one, we have 1 square cucumbers , 1zuccini and 2snap peas in the back row,,, in the next row we have 2 blue lake bush beans and 1 roma ll bush beans and 1 pepper plant in the next row we have 2 chives and 2 long white onions and in the fronst row mesculin gourmet mix lettuce
in the 2 SFG we have tomato plants in the back row, the next row we have pepper plants, the next row we have1 romall bush beans , 2 carrots and 1 oregano in the front row we have 1oregano, 2 basil and 1 lettuce

our tire flowers, the kids were planting these


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